Getting Started
Provided with the Telenav Connect Adapter is also a sample program. Run the sample or install the adpeter code into the RIM Device and star the samples. This example demonstrates the use of the MaiTaiAdapter to invoke navigate to functionality in the Telenav Navigator. Before you can begin writing applications for BlackBerry youll need to follow these steps.
    1. Visit the blackberry development zone to download the appropriate version of the BlackBerry SDK.

    2.Download the Telenav Connect RIM Adapter. Unzip Install the cod files using the following command
     javaloader -usb load MaiTaiSampleAdapter.cod

    3.Import MaiTaiAdapter-rim-xxxx.jar into your project.

    4.Create a new Blackberry Application class in your projects entry package path, for example, if your application entry point is VendorActivity, you can declare the new class as VendorMaiTaiAdapterActivity and derive it from MaiTaiAdapterActivity which is declared in the MaiTaiAdapter-android-xxxx.jar file.

    5.Use the MaitaiAdapterFactory to get an instance of the Adapter.
    MaiTaiContext context = new MaiTaiContext(this,callbackHandler);
    IMaitaiAdapter adapter = MaiTaiAdapterFactory.createMaiTaiAdapter(context);